Reopening June 1st, 2020

We are very excited to announce that starting Monday, June 1, we will be reopening five of our seven locations. Never could we imagine that we would be closed for nearly three months and we are more than ready to provide UV and warmth to all of you! We’ve missed you as much as you’ve missed us! We are coming back with some changes, but will provide the same service you have come to love. Please read the details below for specifics and expectations. 


  • Locations Opening June 1: Dewitt, Charlotte, Waverly, Eastwood, and Grand Ledge
  • Hours of Operation: M – F: 11a – 7p, Weekends: 11a – 5p
  • Package adjustment will be a somewhat manual process to make changes, so bear with us. We have a complete history of when packages were purchased and will ensure you don’t miss any time that you’ve paid for. 
  • Masks suggested when entering any of our locations and interacting with our staff, if tolerable. 
  • We will continue as normal sanitizing the tanning room after each session, ensuring we clean all surfaces including door handles and in-room deodorant. 
  • We will not be taking appointments to start, however is subject to change should we find we have an excess of clients waiting in the lobby. 
  • To begin, we will only be offering VersaSpa spray tans and will not be performing Custom Airbrush. 


This situation of course came when all of you were rushing in to go on your next vacation or simply getting some warmth in our coldest Michigan months. 


  • In this changing business climate, mistakes may be made, we may not have immediate answers to every situation, but we are doing our best and will strive to ensure every client is taken care of. PLEASE be kind to all of our staff. This is new to all of them as well and their #1 priority is to take care of all of you.
  • We were shut down during a seasonally busy time. We will make it through, but will never be able to get those 2.5 months back. Consider trying a few new lotion samples that you haven’t before or upgrade to a higher level bed starting at just $4. Every little bit helps us during this now seasonally slower time. 


As this is all new to us as well, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience better at any of our salons. Everything outlined above including hours and open locations may change as we assess how our reopening will go in this new normal. If you do not feel comfortable yet to come in to one of our salons, check out our sunless products in our online store at the link below! 


Thanks to all of you for your continued support and we hope to see you this week!


Justin & Jason, Owners
J2 Tanning