Outage on February 26, 2020

We wanted to send out an update and apology regarding the outage on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020. At around 12pm, our tanning software system’s servers went down. While down, we were unable to lookup names and packages, sell any new packages or products, or set time to any of our tanning units. Throughout the afternoon we kept receiving updates that everything would be resolved shortly, however that did not end up happening. ¬†Everything would come back online for a couple minutes at a time, we were able to get a few of you taken care of, then it would go back down. This not only affected us, but hundreds of other salons around the country that also utilize the same software.The software company worked diligently into the night and got everything back online running smoothly at around midnight. It was a chaotic day to say the least and our staff did the absolute best that they could with the tools they had available. We have never had a 10+ hour outage and were not prepared for this at all.

This of course was very poor timing during a seasonally busier time, the first day of our Winter Sale, and the grand opening of our newest location in Grand Ledge. We are very sorry for the frustration this may have caused and are in contact with our software vendor to ensure this does not happen again. We are back to normal operation and can’t wait to continue our Winter Sale and welcome you to check out our newest location!¬†

– Justin & Jason, Owners