The more technology changes, the more customers stay the same. Simply put, they expect more from all of us. We can argue about the ROI of social media, fret about the shift to mobile consumption or wrestle with any number of disruptions that technology has caused to companies and their marketing. But none of it changes the fact that the customer is more empowered than ever and has adjusted expectations accordingly.

We think that’s all good news. In our seven years, we’ve always tried to keep our focus on the customer. What do we know about them? What can they teach us? How can we help them? It’s that last question that seems to have become the most important.

Now that technology enables us to offer amazing things to almost anyone – what are we putting out there? Is it another finely-tuned message that will compete for scant attention? Or is it something of real value to our audience? In short, are we asking ourselves, “What’s in it for them?”

That’s the idea behind Faction Media’s new “Make Allies” message. We believe that by finding common ground between customers and companies, working together to put real value into interactions, and listening and learning how to improve, everyone will benefit. Companies and customers alike.

As you know, in complex technology, there is no sale without a relationship. “Make Allies” is our reminder that the relationship often begins way before sales or marketing are even involved. As more education, recommendation and decision-making happen outside of the traditional “sales funnel,” you need to adjust your approach. You need to do more than simply make contact with customers. You need to Make Allies.